Very Low VOC Release Tackifier


  • STK 525 is a solvent free, high performance, water based acrylic dispersion, with very low emissions (EC1).

  • Available in 10kg (STK500) and 25kg (STK525).

Contact Adhesive


  • STK 700 is a brushable solvent-based synthetic rubber resin solution. STK 700 is highly versatile and fast drying.

Latex Seaming Adhesive


  • STK 800 is a water-based solvent-free natural rubber latex. It is easy to apply by either brush or a suitable applicator when applying a bead of adhesive to act as a seam sealant

Double Stick Carpet Adhesive


  • STK 900 is a water based rubber / resin adhesive which has a long open time designed to give a permanent bond to a wide range of floor coverings. It has low odour and is easy to trowel. This product has been specifically formulated for use with double stick systems where a long open time is required and is particularly suitable for use in warm climates.

Double Stick Tackifier


  • STK950 is a permanently tacky water based acrylic dispersion adhesive which is solvent-free and has a low odour.

Low Emission Acrylic Flooring Adhesive


  • STK 100 is a solvent free, high performance water-based acrylic adhesive which has very good bond strength and Low Emissions (EC2)

Very Low Emission Pressure Sensitive Flooring Adhesive


  • STK 200 is a high performance, Very Low Emissions (EC1) water-based acrylic adhesive which represents the highest level of environmentally friendly adhesives currently available.

Fast Grab Multi-Purpose Flooring Adhesive


  • STK 300 is a versatile, water-based, synthetic latex, multi-purpose adhesive which has exceptional bond strength, fast grab, is easy to trowel and is non staining.

Very Low Emission Carpet Adhesive


  • STK 400 is a solvent-free, versatile, water-based, synthetic latex which is easy to trowel, has fast grab and is non staining. It has Very Low Emissions (EC1), which represents the highest level of environmentally friendly carpet adhesives currently available.