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Carpet Rugs and Runners

Updated: Feb 14

Wall to wall carpet may not be what you are looking for but you want that extra layer of comfort.

Maybe you want to break up the scenery with a touch of added flair? Carpet rugs and runners might be just the job for you.

Versatility in Choice and Price Advantage

Online there are hundreds of shops selling bespoke, purpose- made rugs, in every price range imaginable. Quite often they are incredibly rug- like in their design, evoking Persian and Turkish traditional styles. But you can of course make virtually any piece of carpet into a rug.

Roll ends are a good place to start as there is a good chance of savings. Roll ends are cheaper because they are usually not large enough to carpet a standard room completely.

Maybe you're not looking for a piece 4m in width by 7.86m in length for your dining room. You might just want a bit to cover the laminate from the kitchen to the lounge as a runner. Or maybe you're looking to add an extra element of warmth to a room?

Carpet Good for Making into Rugs

A patterned Axminster rug can add a great accent to an otherwise largely neutral room. Even the most garish patterned carpet that your aunty Phyllis had can make a staggeringly good impression in a contemporary environment. Axminster carpet is not cheap; it is very well- constructed and it is designed to last for years. Ideal for a small part of your home with concentrated daily traffic.

A plain wool 80/ 20 twist carpet can add a great accent to your room. Wool twist is usually a single colour but there are virtually unlimited tones available. The example below is of a roll end turned into a rug, achieving wonderful results in this splendid room.

If you have pets and want something can be cleaned vigorously, then you're best- off steering clear of wool. Twist carpets made of 100% polypropylene can be cleaned with a bleach solution, and they are also usually cheaper than their wool counterparts.

Rugs can even be for outdoors. The image below is of a type of flooring made of polypropylene. It is hard- wearing, water resistant and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This can be purchased online from a UK company called Unnatural Flooring.

Different Types of Rug Finishings

When we make a rug for someone we offer two different finishes: Overlocking or Blind Stitching.

Overlocking, also called whipping, is when yarn is whipped all the way around the edges using special machinery. The colour of yarn chosen is usually matched to the main colour of the piece of carpet. However, if there is a pattern this can offer creative possibilities when considering what colour to overlock the piece with.

See some examples of overlocking below:

Another style is Blind Stitching. The idea here is that when you stand on the rug there is no real visible edging. In the three images below you can see examples of blind stitching. The third image shows how it looks on a rolled up rug.

Working from home

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Puxton Wholesale have carpeted quite a few home offices. The left over carpet from the job became mats for our customers to put under the casters of their office chairs. A piece of unused carpet from the job can be overlocked and will minimise wear on your carpet. This leaves the high traffic area beneath the wheels of your chair newer for longer. Especially useful if it is a carpet made of polypropylene and has no wool in it.

Anti Slip Rugs

It is very important to note that a light piece of carpet made into a rug, resting atop some shiny laminate can be a recipe for disaster. If you're rushing to catch the start of the game, carrying a tray with your tea on it, be careful. You don't want to slip and end up wearing it. Especially if you don't have live pause on your TV. There is a very simple solution to this. Purpose- made non slip rugs underlay is readily available, and in stock here at Puxton Wholesale. Strips are simply placed under the rug so that it stays put no matter what angle or speed you attack it from.

Carpet rugs and runners might be a cost effective solution for you. Come to Puxton Wholesale and let's see what we can do for you.

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